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Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide

 We’ve broken down a few of our favorite things at Noteworthy to help you narrow down the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts! Whether you’re keeping it simple, going bold, or spoiling your sweetheart, read on to find just the right gift!  

Keeping It Intimate 

You’re bringing the romance this year! So how can you step up your game? Everyone knows chocolate is the food of love, so be sure to grab some chocolate to kick start the day, like this Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Greeting Card Chocolate Bar or these Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels from Sugarfina. Elevate the night with a relaxing bath or take turns treating each other to massages using this Botanical Massage and Body Oil- with lavender and chamomile, it’s sure to please. And if you dare, get to know each other a bit more intimately with a couples’ truth or dare and other close conversation card games. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some rose petals! 



For Your Adventurer

If your partner’s ideal weekend getaway involves a hike into the mountains or a day fishing on the river, it might be wise to take a more outdoorsy approach to your Valentine’s Day gift set. Try out this fun traveling cribbage board you can take with you on your adventures together or whip out for an impromptu game night. Bandanas also make for both beautiful and functional gifts, great for protection while outdoors, but versatile in both styling options and design, like these new bandanas from Hemlock Goods. And if you want to take an even sweeter route, encapsulate your partner’s adventurous spirit through some mountain-themed jewelry, like this Sunrise Mountain Necklace or this simple, but striking Mountain Ring



Treat Yourself!

Sometimes it's all about the self-love! Who needs someone to buy you a gift when you can just buy one for yourself! Light a candle, grab your favorite book, and draw yourself a bath with gorgeous aromatic salt soaks from Native Nectar Botanicals, or lather up with a new Shea Butter Bath Bar or Handcrafted Soap Bar from Wild June. Grab a Rose Quartz or Jade Gua Sha for the ultimate facial massage that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. And when you're ready to wrap up the night, make sure to sooth and moisturize with some nourishing lotion from BKIND, then get a great night's sleep! No one can spoil you like YOU can!



For the Person who has Everything 

How do you gift shop for someone when they already seem to have it all? Try thinking outside the box and going for unique items that they haven’t had a chance to set their eyes on! These Vintage Cowboy Boot Matches will add a pop of color and a touch of western charm in any room, perfect for pairing with their favorite candle. Try out a bold new piece of jewelry, like these handmade beaded earrings that are sure to help them make a statement. Or try a sparkling nail polish you think brings out their eyes! This Love Letters Book will have them keeping you in sweet thoughts long after the holiday.



Keeping It Lighthearted 

Perhaps you’re taking a more interactive route for V-Day, focusing on activities you can do together! Try out simple crafts you can do with each other, like a paint-by-numbers kit. Or in the spirit of the holiday, make your own valentines, and maybe share a few with your other loved ones and neighbors! You can have a bit of fun too with some intimate card games and puzzles. Then simply relax the night away with some face masks and candy






And don’t forget to complete your gift with the ultimate Valentine’s Day card–we have so many to choose from just waiting for your sweetest sentiments

With love, The Noteworthy Team