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Noteworthy Windows

When we moved into our space over five years ago we knew from the get-go we were going to have to come up with some pretty amazing window displays. Measuring 18 feet long by 8 feet tall, our store windows are a floor to ceiling experience on the outside and on the inside. Over the years, they have ranged from sublimely simple to seriously tedious … we have spent many a night working ’til the wee hours, often to the surprise and amusement of the “last call” crowd. I love that feeling I get in the middle of the night looking across Higgins at our new window alight and blazing with accomplishment. Like most aspects of running a small business, it is a labor of love and Missoula has loved it back awarding us 4 Missoula’s Choice awards for best window display and Best Overall Holiday Window for 5 years running. Here’s a look back at some our faves.

Noteworthy’s First Christmas

Explorations in paper fashion & paper decor…

My personal favorite… the feathers were all cut by hand from old sewing patterns and vintage writing paper and held up by a strip of plywood I cut with my new best friend, the jigsaw.

For this one we made a couple big panels out of plywood, painted them midnight blue and glued broken shards of broken mirror to give our trees that icey wintry look. The dress was made out of paper and invitations salvaged from defunct invitation and stationery albums.

Nothing says summer like giant tissue flowers! I loved looking at these everyday.

With our most recent window, we had set out with the hope of doing something simple and elegant, but it ended up being our most elaborate. The stenciling of the window alone took a whole week of nights to complete. And then another week to add all the details. I loved this one because it told a story and we got to use a lot of antiques that had been passed down from my grandmother.

Right now our window stands empty. In October we will be displaying the steam roller prints again and after that we will have another christmas window in the works. As of yet we have no solid plans but it always seems to come together best in the wee hours of the night.