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Noteworthy Staff's School Essentials

School is almost back in session! That means new teachers, new classes, maybe a new school, and of course, new school supplies. But how can you make sure you find all the supplies you need? We asked a few of our Noteworthy staff who are current students to help share their favorite school essentials that you can find here at Noteworthy! Follow along as Piper, Alyssa, and Robin guide you through their back-to-school must haves!

Start the school year off right with a new planner! Try out a 12-month planner, or a 17-month planner that will be with you through the whole school year! Alyssa personally chose 1Canoe2's 2023-2024 12-Month Academic Montauk Planner to kick off her semester: “Every good student needs a good planner! This planner has daily, weekly, and monthly options, plus I really like the interior folder for all my syllabi!” 

And you don’t want to show up to class without a new notebook! The Woodland Mushrooms Hardcover Notebook from Cavallini snagged her eye for its fun cover and texture. But Alyssa’s school supplies wouldn’t be complete without her ultimate favorite, the Mildliner Double Sided Highlighters. She loves these for her notes because they won’t bleed through the paper, are super clear and concise, and make for pretty pastel colors! 

Our Retail Associate and Wholesale team member Alyssa is currently in the Bachelor of Arts program for Anthropology at the University of Montana, with joining the Peace Corps as a long term goal. 


For Piper, she prefers to stick with an undated planner style like Poketo's Large Daily Weekly Monthly Arches Planner, so she can fill out her planner, forget to write for a couple weeks, and then jump back in without wasting any pages! But more importantly for her, school necessities are all about the notepads and extra accessories, like the Midori Chiratto Index Clips she uses on her new planner to hold her page! We have more index tabs and fun accessories like washi tape, magnets, and stickers to add a little extra pizazz to your back-to-school supplies. 

Piper also uses our Noteworthy Weekly Desk Planners and Notepads daily! And she always has a nice pen like the Ohto Liberty Rollerball Pen to jot down her thoughts and keeps a Stabilo BOSS Pastel Original Highlighter on hand to cross off her lists and keep her notes looking fun. “I love a good to-do list, and a nice pen is a must!” 

Our Custom Projects Manager Piper is currently earning her degree in the School of Social Work at the University of Montana. 


Robin also prefers an undated planner, so she snatched up the Shorthand Press Undated Planner and already got a head start on filling out her printing schedule and deadlines! But for Robin, school supplies usually consist of a more artistic twist. We’ve got lots of sketchbooks and art supplies, like the Strathmore Printmaking Heavy-Weight Pad and the Speedball Deluxe Soft Rubber Brayer, which she will be using this semester for her relief printing classes! 

It’s also important for Robin to have a good set of pencils for both her art classes and her day-to-day notes. Her go-to are the Extra Firm Graphite Natural Pencils from Blackwing. “I like the firm pencils (and even the soft ones too!) for drawing and sketching, as well as for printmaking, they transfer well!” And you won’t catch her without a gel pen like the Sharpie S-Gel Pen Two Pack: they’re perfect for notebooks and planners and won’t smear! Make sure to grab a new pen or pencil of your own before class starts! You can also keep all your art supplies and writing tools together in a handy pouch or carrying case.

Noteworthy Press Operator Robin is continuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking with a minor in Art History at the University of Montana after starting her collegiate journey at the University of Idaho.


Every person is different when it comes to finding the right school supplies, but you can’t go wrong with a new planner or notebook, a few writing tools, and some fun accessories! We hope our Noteworthy staff helped you feel inspired as you prepare for the new school year, be sure to check out all of the school supplies we have to offer. Cheers to a new school year!