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Noteworthy Letterpress: Destination Baja Sur!

Ok, this wedding was in May, but it was a wonderfully busy summer so I am just getting around to sharing it with you now. I designed and printed these invitations for my friends Tanya & Kevin who in my mind are intrinsic Missoulians; outdoorsy, artsy and incredibly stylish all wrapped up in one cute little package. So you can imagine it was a lot of pressure. They had traveled together to Baja before, spent the week surfing at Los Cerritos and exploring the rugged desert landscape of Pescadero and left with a plan to be married there among friends. What was so perfect about this place was its odd similarity to Missoula (when we got to the house we were renting the neighbor’s car had Missoula plates); again, outdoorsy, artsy and stylish beyond its resources.

The invites included an invitation to a reception in Missoula, along with a smaller invitation to the ceremony in Baja and a response card for the reception. All letterpress printed on 100% cotton 300gsm Flourescent White Crane Lettra paired with Paper Bag Waste Not Paper envelopes.

Wedding photos courtesy of Ryan Robinson

Some favorite things about Baja include: cacti, creative architecture and of course giant bottles of Pacifico…