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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, a way to bring us all closer together emotionally and culturally, through nourishment, relaxation and unity of family and friends to celebrate the things that warm our hearts and make us feel grateful. I am grateful for so many things; for my family first and foremost, my amazing extended Noteworthy family, our active outdoor lifestyle in Montana, to name a few.

I am also grateful for the bounty that is so accessible to us here in Montana. This hunting season I harvested my first solo buck. It was an incredible experience to go it alone from the first step out into that crisp, brightening morning to skinning and cutting the meat into deep red steaks. There is much debate about hunting, about as much as there is about the original Thanksgiving, but when I get down to the core reasons for doing it they are as much about being out in the woods alone, listening to the tiny creatures going about their work, as they are about organic, sustainable eating and the values I want to pass down to my children about how to care for their families and their planet.

So this year, with my freezer full once again, I’m going to leave the farm-raised turkeys out and cook a more fitting Montana Thanksgiving meal with the choicest cut from my wild dear: the venison back strap.

Here’s a great link to a recipe that I’ll be using this year:

Serve This Delicious Stuffed Venison Loin for Thanksgiving

And for sides, I’m going with these:
We can still get local, fresh kale in Montana from our farmers who protect their crops from frost and snow at this time. Here are several ideas for kale sides from Food and Wine.

Sage and sweet potatoes grow well in Montana, and are still available. This recipe I’ve tried many times and love it so very much.

And this squash recipe is the biggest crowd pleaser I’ve ever seen.

I hope you incorporate as many local foods into your own Thanksgiving meal, and that you enjoy the company of friends, family, loved ones and neighbors. This is a wonderful time of year and the crew at Noteworthy sends you happy greetings and lots of love.