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More Love Letters

by Cheyenne Turcotte

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you have no choice but to wake up on the wrong side of the bed because your bed is against a wall and there is only one side to get out of?

Today was one of those mornings.

It seemed as if anything that could go wrong, did, and as I arrived at work I felt stuck in an overwhelming funk of negative energy. I ran through my usual list of opening chores and forced myself to take an extra few minutes to make a cup of tea and recenter.

I grabbed my keys and took a deep breath before unlocking the door, feeling lighter but unprepared for the day’s work ahead of me – this blog post. I scan the list of topics I jotted down in a late night brainstorming session but couldn’t seem to drum up the inspiration to follow through on any of them.

The soft tinkle of the door bells save me from my head scratching and I beam at the first customers of the day, eager for the distraction. They make their purchase as quickly as they arrive, however, and I am left alone with the judgmental stare of a blank computer screen. I type a few words in the direction of custom holiday gifts and backspace each letter with just enough force that I know I need to focus on something else for a bit.

I vacuum, then return to my screen. – And…nothing.

I restock the card shelves. – And…nope.

I break down cardboard boxes in the basement. – Zilch.

Frustrated, and with a dwindling to-do list, I take to tidying. I line up corners of boxed notes with obsessive focus and turn my attention to the bulk paper shelves. That’s when I see it, an envelope camouflaged against the stack behind it in every way except one – the words, “this letter is for you,” penned across its front.


“For me? Why, thank you!”

I pluck the envelope from the shelf and take out the card inside, it reads:

“Hey you,

You look good today. Not because of your clothes or accessories or whatever. I think you look good because you’re you. With your nose and eyes and mouth and ears, your hands and feet and skin and nails. I think you’re super cool – an awesome person – and I hope you think so too.

You are smart and complex and authentic. You are a fantastic you. Thanks so much for being you and getting out of bed today and putting your feet on the floor and choosing yes, you are going to get up and do your thing today and live and breathe and face whatever comes, even if it’s hard. Thanks for breathing a little more life into the world by rising and just being you.

Love, A girl who is on your getting-up-and-being-you team. :)”

I share her words because, even though I was the lucky human who happened upon her letter, she meant them for you.

And you…and you.

And yes, you too.

And me.

How special that a random stranger had the compassion and intuition to leave that letter. She made my day, she made this blog post, and she left a wave of inspiration.

Write more letters. It’s a sentiment I share with nearly every customer who walks through our door. But when we are brainstorming the perfect card to send to the perfect person, I have not once suggested a stranger. That stops today, because as it turns out, the perfect person is everybody. So write more letters. More letters for no reason. More letters to nobody in particular.

More love letters.


– Long live snail mail –

Love, Cheyenne



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The Montana Bridal Expo

by Taylor

We had a blast meeting brides-to-be at the Montana Bridal Expo! We love working with brides to select the perfect invitation at events like the Expo because the beautiful details of the wedding day should be manifested in the invitation. The invitation is a beautiful, tangible representation of what the wedding will be like. From colors to stock, to wording to style, the invitation gives guests a sneak peak of what is in store.

Thank you to all the brides who stopped by our booth to see our designs. We invite you to visit us at our store on 101 S. Higgins Ave for a custom consultation. Bring your swatches, Pinterest boards and ideas. Click here to visit the Pinterest page for Noteworthy Paper & Press.


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Bon Voyage!

by Taylor

Fall has come to Missoula fat and golden and almost overnight. While we Noteworthy* girls are settling in for the chilly nights with green tea, down jackets and our letterpress to keep us warm, lot of our friends are going on vacations or snowbirding south for the winter. This fall migration inspired our Bon Voyage roundup of the perfect gifts for a friend who is going away.

1. These darling mini-suitcases from kidstyle are the perfect vessel for a bon voyage gift. Fill them up with travel sized bottles of fancy toiletries and accessorize with a luggage tag your friend can re-use. Wooly socks and an eye mask wouldn’t go amiss, either.

2. This pad of Pack This! lists from Knock Knock reminds you to pack everything from travel documents to your cell phone charger.

3. This rad viking ship Bon Voyage card from Sycamore Street Press is perfect for a friend who is off to pillage or just enjoys the gold foil stamping and fine letterpress printing of the card.

4. This Roma Lussa journal is handmade in Italy. Its leather string closure makes it a perfect travel journal because it closes tight around post cards, train tickets, and the deep thoughts your traveler friend will think in a Parisian cafe.

5. This map of the world wrapping paper would make the perfect wrap for a globe trotting friend’s gift. We can even gift wrap for you!

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Noteworthy Letterpress: Destination Baja Sur!

by Taylor

Ok, this wedding was in May, but it was a wonderfully busy summer so I am just getting around to sharing it with you now. I designed and printed these invitations for my friends Tanya & Kevin who in my mind are intrinsic Missoulians; outdoorsy, artsy and incredibly stylish all wrapped up in one cute little package. So you can imagine it was a lot of pressure. They had traveled together to Baja before, spent the week surfing at Los Cerritos and exploring the rugged desert landscape of Pescadero and left with a plan to be married there among friends. What was so perfect about this place was its odd similarity to Missoula (when we got to the house we were renting the neighbor’s car had Missoula plates); again, outdoorsy, artsy and stylish beyond its resources.

The invites included an invitation to a reception in Missoula, along with a smaller invitation to the ceremony in Baja and a response card for the reception. All letterpress printed on 100% cotton 300gsm Flourescent White Crane Lettra paired with Paper Bag Waste Not Paper envelopes.

Wedding photos courtesy of Ryan Robinson.
Some favorite things about Baja include: cacti, creative architecture and of course giant bottles of Pacifico…

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