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Pharoah's Tomb, Wood Brainteaser Puzzle

Pharoah's Tomb, Wood Brainteaser Puzzle

Project Genius
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These secret boxes are a fun and mysterious way to stash your treasure! Each box features a unique locking design and can be opened in three to five steps.

What secrets are you burying?

This wooden puzzle box emulates the genius of the ancient Egyptians and their intricate and elaborate methods for burying their pharaohs after death. Manipulate the hidden panels in this 3-D puzzle until it opens, revealing the chamber within.

  • Add suspense to any gift. A slot on the side lets you slide your gift into the box—without having to open it—so the recipient sits in suspense as they manipulate the hidden panels and components to reveal their treasure.
  • Hidden in plain sight. This beautifully-crafted, solid wood puzzle looks great on any shelf or table—your guests will never know what's hidden within its walls.
  • 8" x 5" x 3"