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Noteworthy* Paper & Press, located in the heart of western Montana, is the brainchild of Taylor Valliant and Amy Dolan. Born from a passion for paper, letterpress printing and the undaunted belief that even Montana girls need fine stationery, Noteworthy* opened its doors in June of 2008.

Taylor, a graphic designer, self-taught printer and mom of two, had spent 4 years in armed combat and alternately freezing/sweltering in the dark of a detached garage with her Vandercook #4 Proof Press. By the third year, pregnant with her first child, and without anyone to share her endless struggles and seemingly small victories she often wondered what was the next step. In May of 2007 she headed with baby in tow, to the National Stationery Show in New York City in hopes of finding her way out of the dark. Awe-struck and in love with the immense talent under that one roof, she decided she had to be the one to bring the modern stationery revolution to downtown Missoula. But with a growing family it was clear she couldn’t go it alone.

Meanwhile just four blocks away, Amy was working in her own home office as a freelance graphic designer with the same dream of having her own brick and mortar store in Missoula. For six years she had been diligently designing logos, business materials and websites for Missoula’s best businesses. Yet it was her experience in working with event invitations that she found to be the most inspiring – the papers, the presentation, the printing techniques – each chosen specifically to capture the feeling of each event. She loved it all. Having shopped at paperies in San Francisco, New York and everywhere in between, she longed to bring this world of options to downtown Missoula.

But for a chance meeting in June of 2007 at a local restaurant, Noteworthy* may have never been. After a brief exchange the two immediately got to work planning a store they hoped would be more than just a store – a place to be inspired, a place to learn, a place to reflect – and by June 2008 the dream became a reality. With an eye for wares both hand-crafted and eco-conscious and a lust for letterpress, Amy and Taylor merged their ideas and personal tastes into one cohesive brand that has become Noteworthy* Paper & Press.

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