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My first press arrived in Missoula by freight from Baltimore. The Vandercook #4 Proof Press that I bought on eBay was supposed to be “print ready” – needless to say, it wasn’t. Some parts were missing or damaged, the rollers were worn beyond use and I was faced with the bleak reality that I knew little about how a machine like this worked let alone how to fix it. But after a good cry, I committed myself to bringing this press back from the brink.

With each UPS delivery carrying rare press parts swaddled in cardboard and bubble wrap my Vandy slowly came back to life, faithfully turning out page after page. As registration improved and its images slowly came into focus something in my life came into focus – each impression sending me deeper and deeper in love. Lured by the smoothness of cotton paper laid out like pressed bed sheets, the feel of the letterpressed shapes speaking their own language, like Braille, you close your eyes to read it.

I have often described myself as particular maybe a little obsessive. I can’t claim superior organization or tidiness (though Amy can!) but I do like things a certain way – I like my lines straight – I like symmetry – I like balance. The art of letterpress gives me this. It speaks to my soul. Another printer who I admire describes the sound of letterpress in the works as the sound the heart makes, a rhythmic chugging, a turning and clanking of cogs and wheels. I believe that, letterpress does have heart. That’s why when you choose to have your correspondence printed in this centuries-old medium each printed piece vibrates with the love that it was made with. You do more than engage the mind – you engage the senses and ignite the heart.

– Taylor

Our Press Equipment
1954 Vandercook #4 Proof Press
1952 Heidelberg Windmill 10×15
Chandler & Price 12×18
Chandler & Price 8×10
Pearless Gem Guillotine Papercutter

Our Paper
We stock Crane Lettra 600gsm, 300gsm and txt weight 100% Cotton Paper in Pearl White, Fluorescent White and Ecru, as well as, Legion Paper Bamboo 280gsm and Strathmore 250 gsm Kraft.
We also stock Waste Not Paper 100% recycled envelopes and pre-cut papers. Click here for colors.
Noteworthy* will gladly order specific papers for your project. If you can think of it we can get it. Please contact us for more information about custom paper orders.

Custom Letterpress Pricing
For pricing please contact us.

A Word About Letterpress Printing
Part of the mystique of letterpress printing is the pursuit of perfection rather than the attainment of it. In a world, where a “push to print” mentality often wins out over anything done by hand, it can be easy to forget that what one might call an imperfection can bring beauty to the table as well. The ink used for the printing has been mixed by hand and reapplied to the inking system as needed so it is likely that colors from piece to piece may vary slightly. Each letterpressed piece that comes out of our workshop has been hand cut, hand fed into one of our presses and though carefully inspected each piece is unique.