Your wedding invitations give your guests a tactile and visual glimpse of what is in store for your big day! With an array of details, papers, fonts and ink colors to choose from Noteworthy* will help you create the perfect first impression.

Our bridal consultations are designed to help you easily sort through all the options. With your style and budget in mind, we will work with you one-on-one to customize the design for your wedding invitations, response cards, and other printed elements such as thank you cards, programs and seating cards to round out your wedding stationery suite. Click here to make an appointment online.

Here’s a complete list of our wedding invitation albums:
Noteworthy* Paper & Press proudly boasts the largest selection of wedding invitations in Montana. Don’t see what you want? Chances are we can get it for you. Want something totally custom? Check out our custom wedding invitation portfolio, all designed and printed at our downtown Missoula, Montana location.

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Bella Figura Letterpress Wedding
Carlson Craft Affordable Style
Carlson Craft Invitations & Stationery “Favors, Accessories & Gifts”
Carlson Craft Wedding & Social Invitations “Sophisticated & Elegant”
Carlson Craft Themes and Dreams
Carlson Craft Wedding and Social Stationery
Crane and Co. Wedding I
Crane and Co. Wedding II
Designer’s Fine Press Wedding
Dauphine Press Wedding Portfolio
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Oblation Green Album
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Response Cards
Response cards are a necessary part of any invitation. The card asks guests if they plan on attending the wedding and may also offer them a choice of entrée. The front of the reply envelope is printed with the name and the address of the bride or whomever will be receiving guests’ responses. Return postage should be applied to the reply envelope. We also offer reply postcards as a less formal option.

Most brides ask that their replies be received two to three weeks before their wedding date. This, of course, is a completely personal choice but it usually depends on who is catering the reception and when they need a count to purchase the proper amount of food. People live busy lives and there will always be a few late replies, so you can ask people to reply a few days before you actually need the final count or just add a percentage to the total so you cover those that are late to reply or don’t reply at all.

Reception Cards
If your reception is held at a different location than the wedding, you may choose to enclose a separate card. It is more formal to send a reception card, though you may also choose to word the invitation so that the reception location is included.

Wedding Announcements
An announcement is sent shortly after your wedding to inform family and friends of your marriage. Announcements should only be sent to those who did not receive an invitation to the wedding. They typically look very similar to an invitation but contain different wording.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
Rehearsal Dinner invitations also may be issued to the members of your bridal party, their spouses or dates, and/or out-of-town guests. Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted by the groom’s family and therefore the invitations are designed independent of the wedding invitations and sent by them.

Wording of Wedding Invitations
Old traditions still hold in the realm of wording your wedding invitation, however, there are no longer strict rules which dictate how you choose your wording. A couple of great online resource which cover many possible wording options are and

And remember, it is never proper to include registry information in your invitation suite. That is too much like asking for a gift in exchange for coming to the wedding. The best way to let people know where you are registered is by word of mouth. The only time gifts can be mentioned is with a shower invitation, where it is acceptable to include registry information.

After your design is finalized and proofs are approved (usually about one week), plan on two to six weeks for the invitations to be printed and delivered – depending on the vendor and the printing method. We recommend mailing invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding (two to three months for destination weddings!), so please allow ample time for design, printing and addressing.

Assembling Your Wedding Invitations
Invitations are assembled, face up, in order of size. The invitation is first, then all other cards are stacked on top. The reception card is placed on top of the invitation, the reply card is tucked under the reply envelope’s flap and then placed on top of the reception card. These are the most common enclosures. Any other enclosure cards are added face up in order of size. You should place the invitation and its enclosures into the inner envelope with the flap on the right, so you can remove the contents with your right hand while holding the envelope with your left. The inner envelope, if you’re using one, is then placed inside the outer so that the face of the inner envelope (not the flap) is visible.

Mailing Wedding Invitations
Invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. Six weeks is appropriate especially if you have already sent a Save the Date announcement. Be sure to verify questionable zip codes and to weigh a completely assembled invitation at the post office to determine the correct postage needed. When addressing your envelopes, remember there should be no abbreviations in the address for city, state, street or apartment. Noteworthy* also works directly with several calligraphers and we are happy to facilitate your order.

Thank You Notes
You should order at least as many thank you notes as you send invitations plus, an extra 25 (as you may receive gifts from people who were not invited to the wedding). If you have thank you notes remaining, you can always use them for other occasions. Everyone who sends you a gift should receive a thank you note – this includes those who may not have given a gift but offered their help or services for your event. Although it is not necessary, it is even a nice touch to extend a thank you to those vendors who provided services for your event, especially if you were very pleased with their product or service. Never type your thank you notes, as it is considered proper etiquette to handwrite each note. It adds a special, personal touch.

Thinking Green?
All of our letterpress vendors use 100% reclaimed cotton paper. Cotton paper is tree-free and uses cotton lint and remnants from the textile manufacturing industry. No new cotton is grown to produce the cotton for papermaking. Many vendors also use soy-based inks, recyclable photopolymer plates and take other measures to off-set their impact on the planet. While every vendor is different, Noteworthy* strives to offer environmentally-friendly options for every bride. Other ideas for going green: forego the use of an inner envelope, or use a postcard for your response card.